Install from Pre-built Binaries


SageMath used to provide pre-built binaries for several Linux flavors. This has been discontinued, as most major Linux distributions have up-to-date distribution packages providing SageMath. See Linux package managers for information.


macOS binaries are available from the 3-manifolds project. These have been signed and notarized, eliminating various errors caused by Apple’s gatekeeper antimalware protections.

SageMath used to provide pre-built binaries for macOS on its mirrors. This has been discontinued, and the old binaries that are still available there are no longer supported.

Microsoft Windows (Cygwin)

SageMath on Windows requires a 64-bit Windows (which is likely to be the case on a modern computer). If you happen to have a 32-bit Windows, you can consider the alternatives mentioned at the end of Welcome to the Sage Installation Guide!.

To install SageMath on Windows, just download the installer (see the above “Download Guide” section) and run it.